Joel Lascelle owner of Joels Fitness


 There are many personal trainers in the world who work with the general population on all levels of fitness; however, very few work with the special needs population. 

About JoëlsFitness

My name is Joël Lascelle, I am a Certified Personal Fitness Specialist with a Diploma in Social Services. I have obtained a Certification in Adaptive Fitness to further my knowledge and abilities to assist individuals with a disability.  I have currently founded and licensed JoëlsFitness with services being offered at the NavFit facilities, Nav Canada.

I have been involved with a special needs family member since I was 4 years old. My youngest brother suffered a brain injury at birth and is living with cerebral palsy. The injury primarily affected his body movements, muscle coordination & caused developmental delays.  The experience of growing up with my disabled brother made me understand the importance of him having a healthy and active lifestyle.  I believe and work towards promoting social integration, equality and eliminating stereotypes.    


Benefits of a Personal Trainer;

  • Optimize your workout time
  • Exercise safely though proper form and adequate rest
  • Accountability
  • Specification
  • Improve flexibility with assistant stretching
  • Easy access to a community and support system

  • Personalization and Motivation




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