Fitness for Everyone

Safe, Effective, Enjoyable Fitness

My Mission is to Bring Fitness to Everyone

My goal is to increase physical activity among the disabled population by offering personal fitness programs specific to individuals with disabilities. I believe the benefits of exercise far outweigh any complications of working with disabled individuals or the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.


All training will be done by an experienced Personal Fitness Specialist, Certified in Adaptive Fitness with a Diploma in Social Services.  Ensuring both physical and mental safety in all aspects of the program. 


Exercises will be shaped around interests and conditions. Once an effective routine is formed and adherence is achieved, you will begin to feel and look better.


Programs are uniquely created to adapt to the disability and the underline affliction.  Most programs are low intensity and focus more on flexibility, and cardio, which allow for a extended variety of enjoyable programs. 

Part of my mission is to empower and to help gain independence. For some, that means gaining strength, improving flexibility, losing weight or gaining muscle mass.

These all contribute towards a more energetic and productive lifestyle

3 Step Intake Process

 –   Initial consultation                     –  Overall assessment            –       –  Personal program design 

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Why use a personal trainer?

Ensuring proper form is crucial to avoiding injury, along with creating an effective program and regular assessments. 

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Free Consultation

All programs include an initial consultation followed by goal setting session 

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